Golf Car Inventory

Nuttall Golf Cars, Inc. sells used gas and electric golf cars, specializing in Fleet Sales and Individual needs.
Some examples of the cars that we have for sale areā€¦
Fleet Cars (new and used)
Ambulance Cars
Cargo/Box Cars
4 Passenger Cars
Security Cars
New and Used individual Cars with custom rims, bodies, lights, enclosures, etc.
Below are some examples of our cars
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Ref# Year Make Model G/E Color Comments Image
13-20 2014 Yamaha Sport 2+2 Gas Jasper   2 Plus 2
13-19 2014 Yamaha Adv.1 Sport Gas Jasper   JW6-500129
14-25 2001 Yamaha G16 Gas Blue/Silver
Custom body
Custom wheels
14-26 2001 Yamaha G16 Gas Yellow/Orange
Custom body
Custom wheels
14-05   Yamaha G16 Gas Red/Black
Custom body
Custom wheels
13-16 2005 Yamaha G22A Gas Red
Lift kit
13-14 2002 Yamaha G16A Gas Multple colors available   JN6-602819
17 2006 Yamaha G22A Gas Red Ambulance Red_Ambulance
34 2006 Yamaha G22A Gas Red Custom
13-2 2005 Yamaha G22EA Electric Custom Blue Custom Golf Car - Thomas the Train, with additional 4 passengers tow along car JU2-200970
14-6 2001 Yamaha G16 Gas White   b16
14-7   Yamaha G22 Gas White   SL JU0-3